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Experiential Event Photo Activation with Social Media Integration & Onsite Printing

Posted on June 26, 2013 at 9:00 AM

We are Experiential Event Photo Activation Photography Company

Consumers love to Facebook, Twitter, Email or Print Photos at events instantly in real time! Yes real-time social media marketing with custom branded photos is the way of future marketing. We have Low activation cost with big ROI. Whether it’s Green Screen Photography, Step and repeat or no background with just a branded logo overlay social medial through digital photography works!



Step 1 - Photographer snaps a photo


Step 2 - Consumer views photo on an IPAD immediately after the photo is taken


Step 3 - Consumer decides whether to share on Facebook, Twitter or email the photo to friends and family





Add Custom Facebook, Twitter and Email Captions

Track Social uploads


Professional Photographers




 I am Benny Sibbitt, the Owner of Green Screen Photography. I have been shooting and printing instant photos at events for 8 years. I have done full NASCAR Tours, INDY Car Tours, NBA Tours and many name brand tours nationwide. I am not only an owner but I have also work in the field. I travel alone and hire locals helpers to keep operation cost down. Benefit from well experience photographer with years of retail management experience and a great people person skills onsite at your events.

 I am a small but big Company. I have all the resources and technology that my competitors offer but I can offer better rates with better trained onsite photographers. (collect data, surveys, micro-sites, instant social media sharing, photo booths & kiosk, IPAD platform & window base) I have seen way too many time companies are so concerned in their ROI they forget about producing a quality product for the consumer. I call this a short term ROI. Onsite numbers may look good but your long term photo circulation will fade or maybe even lost. Let me help you in creating a long term ROI with great quality images that consumers will want to keep forever and continue to share.


Short Term ROI – Most companies produce bad quality images or not a creative image that don't give your consumer that wow factor. The consumer may share with a few friends but that’s because they are more excited that they attended the event than the photo. This will cause a short Term ROI because the the image gets lost over time.


Long Term ROI – Now when creating a great quality image and the consumer likes how they look, the consumer will always keep that image and share with more friends and more friends will share with their friends.

BAD Quality Activation Photos - Either too dark or too light / Not enough Color or too much color

Don't pay for images like these!! Your consumers deserves better

This will result in short term ROI......



to Bright                                                                                                                                   to DARK


 Clear, Clean, Sharp Image

Benefits of Hiring Us?

  • We take care of all set up and break down
  • Lower cost (as an owner rates are always flexible)
  • Better Quality Product / Photo (equals a Longer ROI instead of Sort Term Results)
  • Always will have a professional photographer onsite for Candid’s, set up photos or photos for internal proposes
  • No trouble shooting or calling in Tech Support (I am your tech support)
  • Best quality & up to date equipment

Hiring Our Competitors

  • They use Brand Ambassadors & inexperience photographers
  • Higher cost even when leasing equipment
  • Quality of images is poor (images to dark or bright, not all green keys out, black spots on photos)
  • Technical difficulties and a lot of down time
  • Out dated and cheap equipment (the quality you see on my competitor’s website is not what you will see at your event)
  • No roaming photography provided



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