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Green Screen Photo Booth

Green Screen
Photo Booth

Get ready for lift off; our green screen photo booths are a blast. We offer high quality, customizable branded images with all our green screen photo booths. What’s that saying “you didn’t post it then it never happening”? Well, with our photo booths your guest could post, email or text their digital photo instantly onsite with our social sharing station. Why are we the right choice? Because we are real photographers and have been shooting green screen for over 15 years.

Green Screen Photo Booth with onsite Printing  (92).jpg
green screen photo booth sporting event GS
green screen photo booth sporting events
green screen bike

Green Screen Event Photography

Green Screen Event Photography with the best Green Screen Photo Booths. We are THE ELITE GREEN SCREEN PHOTOGRAPHY EVENT COMPANY. Fantasy photos to Hollywood movie themes, from Green Screen Comics to famous movie stars, we could superimpose anything! Anything could be a background! Theme Parties; Green Screen Photo booth is a great option. Let us put your guest in a themed scene at your event. Movies, Magazines, Red Carpet, Concerts, Exotic Places, and Famous People, Options are endless with Green Screen Photography & instant photo prints.

Green screen Bike GS
Green Screen Photo Booth for events event photography orlando.jpg
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green screen photo booth orlando
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